Inspiring visit at DFKI

This week we visited the institute DFKI in Germany to discover the further possibilities of the AR-telescope. Lees verder »


‘Tijdmachine’ gets a making of! The whole process till the realization of the project will be documented on video.

(Nederlands) Verhalen gezocht!

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Testing the telescope

Next week i’ll travel with students from HKU to Germany. At the institute we’ll test the telescope and the interaction possibilities.

Location ‘Tijdmachine’ confirmed

Together with the municipal of Rotterdam the decsison was made to place ‘Tijdmachine’ in the Laurensdistrict. On the corner of Laurenschurch – Binnenrotte ┬áthe project ‘Tijdmachine’ makes it possible in the future to experience the ‘gone city’ in a circle of 360 degree.

‘Tijdmachine’ online

Starting from now all informations and developments of the project ‘Tijdmachine’ are to find on this site –